Baker, Drew Limb *

contrabass flute, piccolo | vibraphone, crotales, Thai gong, wind gong

Browning, Zack Sol Moon Rocker *

flute | vibraphone

Cuthbert, Adam metalStaind

piccolo | vibraphone, toms, break drum | electronics

Dicke, Ian Isla

flute | vibraphone | live audio processing

Frederickson, Brooks Breathing Bridge *

flute with glissando headjoint | vibraphone, glockenspiel

Herriott, Jeff The Stone Tapestry

flute and percussion duo with percussion quartet, electronics, and optional video set design

Kieffer, Olivia Focused Cyber *

flute, alto flute, master key chromatic pitch pipes, glockenspiel, vibraphone | backing track

La Rose, Andrea Circle the Correct Answer: Incremental Personal Changes Do/Do Not Create Large-Scale Environmental Change *

contrabass flute | vibraphone, toms

McGowan, Ned Ricochet *

contrabass flute | woodblocks, cymbals, flexatone, floor tom

Misurell-Mitchell, Janice The Art of Noise

flute, alto flute, brake drums, cymbals, castanets, gong, mouth siren | vibraphone, flower pots, mouth siren, cowbells, snare, washboard, congas, bongos, temple blocks, bamboo and metal wind chimes, brake drums, suspended cymbals, gong, tambourine, tom-toms

O'Brien, Carolyn Nocturne *

contrabass flute | djembe

Payne, Matthew Joseph Echoloquacious *

flute | vibraphone, drum kit | Nintendo Gameboy

Randall-Myers, Brendon Glitch*

flute | vibraphone, drum kit

Reinkemeyer, Andrea Wrought Iron

flute | vibraphone, tambourine, triangle, bongos, cymbal

Trevino, Ivan Things We Dream About *

flute, bass flute | vibraphone, drum kit

Ueno, Ken Building *

contrabass and c flutes | tuned metal pipes and bottles, pvc pipes

* commissioned by A/B Duo