Baker, Drew Limb

contrabass flute, piccolo | vibraphone, crotales, Thai gong, wind gong

Browning, Zack Sol Moon Rocker *

flute | vibraphone

Cuthbert, Adam metalStaind

piccolo | vibraphone, toms, break drum | electronics

Dicke, Ian Isla

flute | vibraphone | live audio processing

Frederickson, Brooks Breathing Bridge *

flute with glissando headjoint | vibraphone, glockenspiel

Gervais, Aaron Shit Around the World 

flute, piccolo | orchestral crash cymbals, sandpaper blocks, woodblock, shakers, claves, bamboo wind chimes, triangle, suspended cymbal, glockenspiel, temple blocks

Herriott, Jeff The Stone Tapestry

flute and percussion duo with percussion quartet, electronics, and optional video set design

Kieffer, Olivia Focused Cyber *

flute, alto flute, master key chromatic pitch pipes, glockenspiel, vibraphone | backing track

La Rose, Andrea Circle the Correct Answer: Incremental Personal Changes Do/Do Not Create Large-Scale Environmental Change *

contrabass flute | vibraphone, toms

McGowan, Ned Ricochet *

contrabass flute | woodblocks, cymbals, flexatone, floor tom

Misurell-Mitchell, Janice The Art of Noise

flute, alto flute, brake drums, cymbals, castanets, gong, mouth siren | vibraphone, flower pots, mouth siren, cowbells, snare, washboard, congas, bongos, temple blocks, bamboo and metal wind chimes, brake drums, suspended cymbals, gong, tambourine, tom-toms

O'Brien, Carolyn Nocturne *

contrabass flute | djembe

Payne, Matthew Joseph Echoloquacious *

flute | vibraphone, drum kit | Nintendo Gameboy

Randall-Myers, Brendon Glitch*

flute | vibraphone, drum kit

Reinkemeyer, Andrea Wrought Iron

flute | vibraphone, tambourine, triangle, bongos, cymbal

Rodriguez, Andrew M. re:Write *

flute | percussion | electronics

Trevino, Ivan Things We Dream About *

flute, bass flute | vibraphone, drum kit

Ueno, Ken Building *

contrabass and c flutes | tuned metal pipes and bottles, pvc pipes

* commissioned by A/B Duo