"Happy Hour"

Photo by Michael Strickland. 

Photo by Michael Strickland. 

Thank you to those who came to our "Happy Hour" show in San Francisco on September 27! It was really successful and we were pleased with our performance and how well it was received by the audience.

We even got a stellar review! (Woohoo!)

The program was:

for flute, vibraphone, drum set and LSDJ (Gameboy)
by Matthew Joseph Payne
(World premiere, commissioned by A/B Duo)

for piccolo and percussion
by Adam Cuthbért
(West Coast premiere, new version for A/B Duo)

Things We Dream About
duo for flutist and percussionist  
(for flute, bass flute, vibraphone, and drum set)
by Ivan Trevino
(World premiere, commissioned by A/B Duo)


Here's a 4.5 minute recap video of the show.  Enjoy!

We look forward to developing this show and presenting all or part of it on future performances in New York and Ohio.

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