Andrea La Rose

Andrea La Rose

We commissioned the composer and flutist Andrea La Rose!


Andrea sent Meerenai a few of her solo flute pieces in 2012 and that's when Andrea was put on Meerenai's "must commission" list. And of course Chris agreed that there should be an A/B Duo piece written by Andrea! We expect to premiere her piece during the 2014-14 season.

Andrea is always creating cool projects and is currently uploading 52 short songs that she wrote in 2013. (Uploading one song a day.) Check our her tumblr to listen to these cute songs.


advertising changed my life (2001) (link goes to Andrea's website)

Video: misoneism (2009)

Photo credit:  Prin  Amorapanth


Named by NPR as one of 100 composers under 40 you should know, flutist and composer Andrea La Rose is making waves in the New York music scene and beyond. Her pride and joy since 2002 has been her work as a flutist/composer/board member with the punk-classical antagonists known as Anti-Social Music, most recently touring the Ukraine and contributing to an album of remixes of songwriter Franz Nicolay.  She has also been musically involved with thingNY, baj, Lone Wolf Tribe, Mohair Timewarp, and Wild Rumpus. Print and online publications from  Chamber Music America, to  New Music Connoisseur, to  Dusted have said lovely things about her fluting and composing prowess. Funding for her musical endeavors has been generously provided by the American Music Center and Meet the Composer. Since August 2009, she has been contributing her talents as a Music Teacher at the Franconian International School in Erlangen, Germany. When she is not making music in some fashion, she is quaffing beer and whipping up culinary magic in her kitchen.

 To see the latest of what Andrea has to offer, visit her website at


A/B:   Your first LP, tape, CD, etc. purchase?

Andrea:  I know I got ZZ Top's "Eliminator" with a Walkman for Christmas. I think the first one I bought for myself, though, was probably Mötley Crüe, "Shout at the Devil." I was a weird 11-year-old back in '83...

A/B:  Cake or Pie?

Andrea:  My lord, I hate picking favorites! Ugh. What about ice cream or panna cotta?

A/B:  Rom-com or Action thriller?

Andrea:  Neither, please!

A/B:  Apple or Microsoft? Finale or Sibelius?

Andrea:  Okay, definitely Apple, definitely Finale... otherwise I am all about variety.

A/B:  Favorite breakfast food?

Andrea:  I am known for my frittata obsession ("That would make a good frittata!" "Save that. I'll make a frittata with it tomorrow.").